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Make a Joyful Noise...

Please note that all of the materials your are receiving as part of any class, workshop, lecture or web page of First Steps Spirituality Center is copyrighted by Rev. Leanne Ciampa Hadley.

You are granted permission to use any of these materials free of charge, however…we require that…

All materials must be reproduced as they are to retain the ownership and contact information for Rev. Leanne Hadley and First Steps Spirituality Center.
All classes where our materials are used free of cost, must be offered without charge.

If you change the materials or make any modification to the core concepts presented they must be approved by Rev. Leanne Hadley and you must site Rev. Leanne Hadley and First Steps as the source of the materials. Please include our contact information.

If a fee is charged for the class, we require you to return at least 10% of the fee to First Steps Spirituality Center so we can continue our ministry at no cost to the children we serve.

We also ask you to invite all people you share our ideas and materials with if they would like to be added to the First Steps Mailing list and if they do, please provide the names and US Postal Service address and email address to us.


 Stepping Stones Newsletter
If you would like to be added to he mailing list of First Steps and receive the quarterly newsletter, Stepping Stones, please call us at 719-520-9024 or email us.

 Stepping up to Wholeness DVD
This DVD was created by Rev. Leanne Hadley to help parents, teachers, grandparents, pastors and professionals to help children and teens in times of hurt, crisis and stress.  It is an easy to use "five step process" which includes listening, sharing feelings, finding support, making a plan and the power of prayer and reflection.  This DVD makes the perfect gift for anyone with a child as part of their life.

Child of God, Child of Light Book
This is a book written by Rev. Leanne Hadley and illustrated by Leah Foster.  It is a darling picture and word book written to help children understand the "breath prayer," a favorite prayer taught to children at First Steps, and actually pray it while they read the book. This book will be used to help your child or grandchild pray night after night!  To order your copy, please call us (719 -520-9024) or e-mail us.

"Holy Listening Stones: Helping spiritual communication to happen".($19.95 + shipping)
Holy Listening Stones are a hand made set of 25 stones which contain symbols and help children and teens get in touch with what is troubling them, where they need to focus their spiritual attention and to begin communicating that to those around them. The stones come in nice box and have a tiny instruction booklet tucked inside, they are easy to use and the perfect gift for children, teens, families and adults who work with them. These stones were created, and the booklet is written by Rev. Leanne Hadley. You can only get these through us. Please call or e-mail us to order (719/520-9024).

"Praying with Your Baby" ($19.95 + shipping)
This is a wonderful gift to give to expectant parents. The kit includes a booklet, written by Rev. Leanne Hadley detailing several prayers that parents can begin with their baby as soon as he/she arrives. It also includes a blanket which the parents bless and use each time they pray with their baby. This is a unique gift and can be purchased at First steps. If you would like a "Praying With your baby" kit please call us at (719/520-9024) or e-mail us.