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First Steps Mission

The First Steps Spirituality Center is dedicated to providing spiritual care and healing to children and teens who are experiencing pain from death, loss, divorce, low self-esteem, or hurt of any kind. We believe that children have been blessed by God with an innate spirituality and light which they can identify and use to heal their pain.

Our task is to facilitate their spiritual healing by helping them identify and strengthen the light within using prayer, reflection, art, and movement. It is also our mission to provide training and certification to adults who are interested in learning more about the spirituality of children and teens

First Steps Spirituality Center is a 501(c)3 non-for profit organization.

About First Steps
 First Steps Spirituality Center is a first of its kind community based organization that provides spiritual support to children and teens who have experienced crisis and trauma such death, suicide, divorce, having school issues, abuse, eating disorders or pain of any kind. While spiritually based, First Steps respects and honors the individual spiritual belief systems of the children and families served.  Our services are offered at no cost to the children or their families. Being the first spirituality center for children and teens in the nation, we also offer classes, workshops and trainings to educate adults about our approach to helping children and teens cope and heal using their spirituality as a tool.

Current Programs
The primary approach to helping children and teens heals from pain is through our One-On-One Spiritual Support Sessions, where children and teens can find a safe place to express their deepest pain and hurts and tap into their personal and spiritual strength while being helped along this journey by a trained and caring adult.First Steps also provides support groups and workshops for children such as an annual grief group during holiday times; Teen Heartbeat, which is a support group for teens who have experienced the death of a loved one to suicide; and several grief groups at local funeral homes and at schools. Trainings and consultations for various community organizations are provided to equip professionals in our community and across the country to help children during times of crisis.

What does First Steps do?
First Steps serves children and teens, nurturing their spiritual strength, giving them tools that will serve them for a lifetime.  Through listening to and learning from children and teens over the course of 25 years, Rev. Leanne Hadley has developed amazingly effective healing methods that set First Steps apart.  Her hands-on approach and one-on-one time with children make her ministry one that is "hands-on" rather than just a "study of."  

Helping Children...
Children face daily crisis including death, divorce, relocation, deployed parents, blended families, school struggles, and low self esteem. These children need the spiritual strength to cope and survive these stresses. First Steps provides tools for the children to claim their spiritual strength and use it in times of crisis.

Helping Parents/Grandparents...
Parents and grandparents also often find themselves ill equipped to help their child in times of crisis and pain. First Steps offers tools, training and support for these parents.

Helping Caregiving Professionals...
Professionals including teachers, ministers, Christian Educators, psychologists, medical doctor and nurses are turning to First Steps for training and tolls to help the children in their lives.With a multi-dimensional approach using one-on-one support, educational events, and making our tools available widely on the web, First Steps is poised to help children, parents, grandparents, and professionals reach children and help them cope and heal using their spiritual strength