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Welcome to our site... is a safe place created to nurture and embrace the unique gift of spirituality that is core to who we are.  It is dedicated to the nurturing & healing of chidren's & teen's spirituality but open to kids of all ages.  Enjoy!
Touching Heaven:  
Real Stories of Children, Life, and Eternity

Check out Leanne's new book!

In Touching Heaven, Leanne recounts the poignant stories and simple faith of the remarkable children she has been privileged to serve. With humor and tenderness, she offers their inspiring testimonies to the presence of God in our lives--even as earthly life is ending.

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Stepping up to Wholeness...   

In her latest Stepping up to Wholeness video, experience Leanne as she presents 5 Real Steps for dealing with children in crisis.  
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When You Pray
As a Family
Reuben P. Job & Leanne Hadley

This book is ideal for families who wish to provide guidance to their children in the daily practice of prayer. 
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Leanne has launched a new website.

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